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At Dragon Lifestyle, LLC, we strive to help our clients achieve their wellness goals by providing personalized services tailored to their individual needs. Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to helping our clients find balance and harmony in their lives.

Online Packages

One-on-One Customizable Holistic Life Coaching Package

**3 Month & 6 Month available

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Have that feeling you were born for something bigger? Ready for a breakthrough in your finances, health and relationships? Want to fast-track your success? Investing in a personalized and strong collaborative partnership will ensure you get where you want to be. Together we dive deep into your mindset and lifestyle habits to create a unique plan that will lead you to sustainable financial freedom, overall well-being, and greater life satisfaction.

Group Mentoring & Mental Fitness Course

Video Conference

8 Weeks Virtual Training

Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall Sessions

Has your mind become excessively loud? Struggling with self-doubt, low energy, and uncontrollable negativity concerning your future? This training will transform your brain over 8 short weeks and provide the tools to keep you tapping into the power of positivity, focus and innovation. Empower yourself today with all you need to increase your confidence, peace of mind and overall wellbeing.

Please Note :  Maximum of 10 participants.

In Person Packages

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Dragon’s Way Qigong

**First class & Followup classes 

6 Week Classes, In Person Only, Private Sessions Available (Additional cost may apply) 

This 6-week class teaches you how to effectively combine the power of nature with a gentle Martial Arts practice in order to supercharge your energy, minimize the negative impacts of daily stress and stimulate your own self-healing power. Anyone can learn these ancient qi-gong movements to create long-lasting health benefits. Invest just 20 minutes a day to drop excess weight, de-stress, increase energy and sharpen your natural intuition.

Please Note :  Maximum of 10 participants. Local? Ask about our in-person option

Dragon’s Way Qigong

Virtual Coaching Sessions

Video Consultation

Completed a round of Dragon’s Way Qigong on your own? Want to take your mindset, personal qi-practice, and life to another level? Get personalized Coaching from a seasoned Dragon’s Way Qigong Instructor and Certified Holistic Life Coach.



This class puts YOU back in charge of your wellbeing.

Practice prevention using self-care tools based on TCM.

Learn 4 simple & powerful ways to re-energize & rebalance.

Daily Mind-Body- Spirit wellness starts here.

Registration is Required

Ultimate Health using the Four Energy Gates.

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Having trouble quieting your mind?

Is your life filled with stress?

This 1 hour interactive class will help you break free.

Learn how to shift your mind from negative to positive.

Registration is Required

Master Your Mind in 2 Minutes

Faith and Finances

Stones of Meaning

1 Hour interactive Mastermind on the topic of Stewardship

Do you believe God provides everything you need?

Does the subject of money make you uncomfortable?

We will explore how our beliefs impact the way we manage $$$

Registration is Required

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