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Certified Life, Health & Financial Coach in Staten Island, New York helps you accelerate transformation in the areas of life most important to you.

Dragons Way Qigong

I am so grateful I decided to connect with Mayra at SI Dragon Lifestyle for coaching sessions. After taking the Qigong Dragons Way class with Mayra, I was interested to work with her one-on-one for coaching. At the time I was feeling overwhelmed with new projects I had taken on. I felt stuck; incapable of finding balance as I moved forward. After working with Mayra, I now have an overwhelming feeling of balance and calm - with a solid knowing of how to create success in these journeys I have embarked upon. I cannot thank Mayra enough for her intuitive insights and wisdom. For her support, encouragement and belief in me! She helped me build the tools needed, to have confidence as I move forward with grace and ease. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mayra Sanchez!

-Eileen Sweeney

Dragons Way Qigong Review

I just completed my third round of The Dragon's Way program under the guidance and support of Mayra Sanchez. This 

program has changed my life in so many positive ways. I continue to practice the Qigong movements I learned daily to help me stay calm and focused in both my hectic professional and personal life. The care and support that Mayra shares while working with me is amazing. I strongly recommend Mayra to anyone with excess weight, health issues, or any type of life struggles. The love and passion that she puts into her work is truly inspiring. Words can not express the appreciation I feel, Thank you Mayra.


-Dawn O.

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