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 Meet Coach Mayra

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Be Bold, Be Authentic.

Sometimes we need help because we feel overwhelmed by life demands. Covid and extreme weather events revealed the uncertainty and lack of control we experience globally as human beings. These last couple of years shed light on the massive challenges some individuals and communities continue to experience as a result of gaps in education, wealth and socio-economic inequality.


At other times we need help to recover from a personal crisis. Life events such as the loss of health, reputation, job, divorce, death of a beloved pet or person and, financial losses can erode our energy, joy, faith and stability. 


At one time or another, life presents us all with challenges. How we respond to our life's challenges directly impacts our overall life experience. I intimately understand how difficult it is to remain hopeful, energized and positive while everything is falling apart. I faced moments like these. The only way out of those times was deciding to learn new skills, shift my thinking and seek help as needed.  Looking back I see the valuable wisdom I gained as a result of facing these trials. Everything I teach, I used to restore and heal from those difficult times.  It took a while to reestablish life balance.

My vision is  to create thriving, balanced and financially free communities.

My mission is to inspire and, empower you to establish the ultimate freedom lifestyle.

Life Coaching is an intimate experience. Long-lasting change and freedom require us to look deeply and honestly into the person we currently are in order to grow into the person we desire to be. It is like therapy in that you must be willing to be transparent, open and committed enough to challenge yourself in order to create success. It is unlike therapy because we will work collaboratively to establish a plan that will empower you to achieve results in a shorter period of time. 


My approach to life is revolutionary and is anchored in Faith. I value Authenticity, Freedom, Trust and Truth. I truly care about people and feel called to bring positive change into this hurting world. I am very grateful for the Mentors, Coaches and Teachers that shared their tools to support my growth. It is my turn to keep the light of hope burning brightly for you. They say "when the student is ready the teacher appears" and that is true in my experience. If you are ready to begin a revolution for positive change and invest in your life, I am here to help.

I share proven holistic frameworks, practical tools, and knowledge to help you accelerate transformation in the areas of life most important to you. As a client, you will gain access to my extensive wisdom, knowledge, resources, and community. My individualized attention will keep you inspired and moving efficiently towards creating a healthy, abundant and wise lifestyle. God bless you.

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