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Certified Life, Health & Financial Coach in Staten Island, New York helps you accelerate transformation in the areas of life most important to you.

Tony A Review

"Mayra is an intuitive leader with the innate ability to tap into human potential. On top of being a wonderful person, she is immensely dedicated to her craft."

-Tony Books Avilez

Dragons Way Qigong

I just completed my third round of The Dragon's Way program under the guidance and support of Mayra Sanchez. This 

program has changed my life in so many positive ways. I continue to practice the Qigong movements I learned daily to help me stay calm and focused in both my hectic professional and personal life. The care and support that Mayra shares while working with me is amazing. I strongly recommend Mayra to anyone with excess weight, health issues, or any type of life struggles. The love and passion that she puts into her work is truly inspiring. Words can not express the appreciation I feel, Thank you Mayra. 

-Dawn O.



I have had many coaching sessions with Mayra. She has a wonderful way making me feel nurtured and safe during our coaching sessions. This allows me to be fully present and open as she guides me to dig deeper into my thoughts and personal insight.
Her compassionate empowering coaching techniques give me the tools I need to approach whatever comes my way in a calmer positive way.
I highly recommend her!

-Cynthia Griffin

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