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Certified Life, Health & Financial Coach in Staten Island, New York helps you accelerate transformation in the areas of life most important to you.

Mayra soothed my rattling nerves as I spoke with her, and she helped me draft a comprehensive plan to help my family. It feels odd writing a review on an interaction that was simply pure human compassion, but frankly that alone was above and beyond the call of professionalism. If you’re having any financial questions or concerns I urge you to reach out to her, because you don’t need a lender, you need a human being, and Mayra is among the best of them.

-Emily Gallagher


I am so grateful I decided to connect with Mayra at SI Dragon Lifestyle for coaching sessions. After taking the Qigong Dragons Way class with Mayra, I was interested to work with her one-on-one for coaching. At the time I was feeling overwhelmed with new projects I had taken on. I felt stuck; incapable of finding balance as I moved forward. After working with Mayra, I now have an overwhelming feeling of balance and calm - with a solid knowing of how to create success in these journeys I have embarked upon. I cannot thank Mayra enough for her intuitive insights and wisdom. For her support, encouragement and belief in me! She helped me build the tools needed, to have confidence as I move forward with grace and ease. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mayra Sanchez!

-Eileen Sweeney


Mayra is both deeply wise as she is compassionate. My wife & I are eternally grateful to her for showing us an entirely new way to live. It actually brought us closer together.

-Frank Gravagna


Mayra is an incredible Coach. Her coaching literally changed my entire life around. Specifically around lifestyle changes and finances.

-Antonio Franqui


I had a wonderful experience with Coach Mayra. I’ve been working with Mayra for a year on and off. I’ve learned so much on this journey together. Mayra has brought me deep healing. She’s able to connect with me on a personal level which made a huge difference. When I joined the emotional intelligence program, I learned how to turn my sabotages into sages. It’s been a process and I’m still not where I want to be but Mayra keeps reinforcing to focus on my wins and that the little steps taken to move forward is better than no steps all all. I would recommend her services to anyone!

-Carma Augustin

I talked to Myra yesterday about a personal situation and she made me realize things that I didn't think about. After our chat, I was able to piece together a puzzle that was very confusing in my life. She is an excellent coach and you won't regret coming to Dragon Lifestyle 🐉


-Renee Russell



I have had many coaching sessions with Mayra. She has a wonderful way making me feel nurtured and safe during our coaching sessions. This allows me to be fully present and open as she guides me to dig deeper into my thoughts and personal insight.
Her compassionate empowering coaching techniques give me the tools I need to approach whatever comes my way in a calmer positive way.
I highly recommend her!

-Cynthia Griffin


I highly recommend Mayra as a financial coach. She is very friendly, trustworthy, and very professional. She can connect with her clients quickly and work with them at whatever stage they're in at the time. She also offers good value and high integrity. I will likely reach out to her for advice in the not too distant future.

-Iwona Ullah


As a fellow coach I know Mayra for several years and had the opportunity to work with her myself. Mayra is a very caring, empathic and intuitive coach. Her ability to zoom out and reframe has helped me many times to organize my focus and shift my perspective in more beneficial directions. Her ability to create a safe space allowed me to share more easily my vulnerable authentic self. I really appreciate her reminding me to celebrate the small things that we so easily like to discredit. Mayra is very reflective, productive and supportive, always encouraging and patient. Her heart-centeredness and sincerity in wanting to serve others is the real deal. I highly recommend her.

-Simone Assboeck


Mayra has been an essential part of my evolution as a business owner. There are many factors that go into being a business owner from managing staff to negotiating contracts and she has been invaluable to me in many ways. My health was suffering and she taught me how to manage stress. She is non judgmental and is a great listener. Her methods are very easy to follow. I highly recommend her. She is the best. I would not be the successful business owner that I am without her. 

-Al Vento



Coach Mayra has so many spiritual tools to use and she is a master craftsman in the field of self awareness. Her vast experience and intuitive nature enable her to use the right tool for the job, and then place that tool in your hands. This promotes self reliance and empowers you to succeed on your own. I highly recommend Coach Mayra for those who have already heard-it-all and desire next level solutions. 

-James d.


I’ve recently started working with Mayra and already have experienced powerful AHA’s & deep insights. Mayra is an incredible listener, a gift that enables her to hear not only what you are saying, but also the passion & truth behind it. Coaching with Mayra and the results I’m receiving are gifts I give myself. I’m looking forward to a long and powerful coaching journey with Mayra.

-  Mary D’Amato


"Mayra is an intuitive leader with the innate ability to tap into human potential. On top of being a wonderful person, she is immensely dedicated to her craft."

-Tony Books Avilez


"Truly committed to helping others achieve their personal goals and dreams. "

-Daisy Porto.


Mayra, Thank you for your time and insight. You truly have a gift for making people feel comfortable in your presence, allowing them to open up even when they don't want to. LOL "

- Jessica Morales


Mayra is a thoughtful, gentle and emphatic coach. When working with her I always feel completely understood and safe. She has helped me to get clarity on issues relating to business and insecurities, and to reframe matters in such a way that make me feel truly happy and at peace with my decisions. Mayra has a knack for knowing immediately in which direction to guide me to get to the bottom of my issues, and I love how she shares her rich experience to illustrate different perspectives on the matter at hand. I absolutely recommend her.

-Ilona W.


"Mayra is a very compassionate and empathic coach that would not hesitate to help others. I highly recommend reaching out to her if you struggle with life or your finances. "

-Malcolm Eyman


Mayra has the heart to inspire others to reach their fulfilling dreams; no task is beyond her."

-Bonnie Jones


I just completed my third round of The Dragon's Way program under the guidance and support of Mayra Sanchez. This 

program has changed my life in so many positive ways. I continue to practice the Qigong movements I learned daily to help me stay calm and focused in both my hectic professional and personal life. The care and support that Mayra shares while working with me is amazing. I strongly recommend Mayra to anyone with excess weight, health issues, or any type of life struggles. The love and passion that she puts into her work is truly inspiring. Words can not express the appreciation I feel, Thank you Mayra.


-Dawn O.

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