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Unlock your full potential and achieve your dreams with our Personalized Life Coaching Services

Reimagine Your Life with Personalized Life Coaching

Are you ready to take your life to the next level? With our personalized life coaching services, you can unlock your full potential and achieve your dreams. Whether you want to improve your finances, health, relationships, or career, we can help you create a roadmap that fits your unique needs and goals. Our proven frameworks, practical tools, and supportive community can help you overcome your limiting beliefs, develop new skills and habits, and stay accountable to your vision.


I have had many coaching sessions with Mayra. She has a wonderful way making me feel nurtured and safe during our coaching sessions. This allows me to be fully present and open as she guides me to dig deeper into my thoughts and personal insight.

Her compassionate empowering coaching techniques give me the tools I need to approach whatever comes my way in a calmer positive way.

I highly recommend her!

- Cynthia Griffin

Holistic Healing and Emotional Wellness Services will help you restore balance and harmony to your body

Explore Holistic Healing and Emotional Wellness

Do you feel stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed? Are you struggling with chronic pain, insomnia, or digestive issues? Our holistic healing and emotional wellness services can help you restore balance and harmony to your body, mind, and spirit. We offer a variety of modalities, including Qigong, meditation, energy healing, and emotional intelligence training, to help you release blockages, increase vitality, and cultivate inner peace.


I am so grateful I decided to connect with Mayra at SI Dragon Lifestyle for coaching sessions. After taking the Qigong Dragons Way class with Mayra, I was interested to work with her one-on-one for coaching. At the time I was feeling overwhelmed with new projects I had taken on. I felt stuck; incapable of finding balance as I moved forward.

After working with Mayra, I now have an overwhelming feeling of balance and calm - with a solid knowing of how to create success in these journeys, I have embarked upon.

I cannot thank Mayra enough for her intuitive insights and wisdom. For her support, encouragement and belief in me! She helped me build the tools needed, to have confidence as I move forward with grace and ease. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mayra Sanchez!

- Eileen Sweeney

Dragon Lifestyle, LLC's Mental Fitness Program will transform your mind and boost your mental fitness

Transform Your Mind and Boost Your Mental Fitness in Just 8 Weeks

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, self-doubtful, and negative about your future? Our Mental Fitness Program is designed to help you transform your brain and develop the tools to tap into the power of positivity, focus, and innovation. With just 8 weeks of training, you can increase your confidence, peace of mind, and overall well-being. Empower yourself today with the mental fitness you need to live your best life.


I had a wonderful experience with Coach Mayra. I’ve been working with Mayra for a year on and off. I’ve learned so much on this journey together. Mayra has brought me deep healing. She’s able to connect with me on a personal level which made a huge difference. When I joined the emotional intelligence program, I learned how to turn my sabotages into sages. It’s been a process and I’m still not where I want to be but Mayra keeps reinforcing to focus on my wins and that the little steps taken to move forward is better than no steps all all. I would recommend her services to anyone.

- Carma Augustin

Personal Finance Coaching and Money Management Services will help build a secure and abundant future

Gain Financial Freedom and Personal Finance Skills

Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck, drowning in debt, or unsure about your financial future? Our personal finance coaching and money management services can help you take control of your money and build a secure and abundant future. Our comprehensive approach covers budgeting, saving, investing, debt reduction, and retirement planning, tailored to your goals and values.


Mayra soothed my rattling nerves as I spoke with her, and she helped me draft a comprehensive plan to help my family. It feels odd writing a review on an interaction that was simply pure human compassion, but frankly that alone was above and beyond the call of professionalism. If you’re having any financial questions or concerns I urge you to reach out to her, because you don’t need a lender, you need a human being, and Mayra is among the best of them.

- Emily Gallagher